The Auburndale Police Department is comprised of sworn and civilian members who deliver services in every aspect of law enforcement.  The Law Enforcement Division is comprised of four Patrol squads and the School Resource Unit.  The Operations Division is comprised of Records, Property & Evidence, and various other support functions.  These divisions are commanded by lieutenants who, with the chief and deputy chief, form the agency’s command staff.  The Criminal Investigations Unit is supervised by a sergeant and includes detectives and officers assigned to the Crime Reduction Team.  The Law Enforcement and Operations Divisions, the Criminal Investigations Unit, and Code Compliance report to the Deputy Chief of Police.

Law Enforcement is the largest Division within the police department.  The Law Enforcement Division includes Patrol, Public Safety Aide, and the School Resource Unit, providing a full range of services 24-hours per day, seven days a week.

The Operations Division is comprised of Records, Property & Evidence, and Accreditation.  The division commander is also responsible for Training, Recruitment/Employment, Fleet, the Field Training Program, Special Details, and acts as the Public Information Officer.

The Criminal Investigations Unit is supervised by a Sergeant and is comprised of detectives and the Crime Reduction Team.  Detectives generally work during the day but are on call after hours to respond to significant criminal events.  The Crime Reduction Team focuses on crime trends, crime hot spots, and handles drug-related investigations.

The City of Auburndale has City Codes (ordinances) that are specifically designed to address blight, nuisances, and to maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community.

Auburndale Police Department

Citizen Ride-along Program

The Auburndale Police Department offers a Ride-Along program as a means for the citizens who are genuinely interested in law enforcement to gain first hand knowledge of a police officer’s daily duties and responsibilities.

For security reasons, a background investigation will be conducted on all persons wanting to participate in the Ride-Along program. The approval process for all Ride-Along applications can take up to 10 days. Denial of any such application is at the discretion of the Auburndale Police Department, and will be made when it is deemed a security risk that may impair or jeopardize police operations.

Proper attire is required while participating in the Ride-Along program. This includes a shirt with a collar, dress slacks, and dress shoes for men. Women should wear slacks and a blouse or modest dress. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, tennis shoes, and sandals are not permitted.

If you would like to participate in the Ride-Along program,Click Here for an application.