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Sergeant Kevin Spell

Serving Since 1995

Criminal Investigations Unit Supervisor

(863) 965-5555


The Criminal Investigations Unit of the Auburndale Police Department has skilled, trained detectives who can be called upon at any time to assist Patrol or to assume the investigation of a criminal episode.  CIU provides follow-up investigation on all criminal incidents with solvability factors, which have not been resolved by an officer assigned to the Law Enforcement Division.  Detectives are assigned crimes relating to general investigations and special investigations.

General Investigations would include investigating reports of crime, apprehending suspects and taking an active role in tracking repeat offenders. Detectives are assigned property and violent crimes. They are responsible for investigating crimes, collecting all evidence in a case, apprehending suspects and preparing the case for prosecution. CIU also gathers intelligence information, processes crime scenes and securely maintains all evidence.

Special Investigations would include complaints of controlled substance violations, prostitution and other related crimes. A variety of tactics are used to combat these problems within the community. Undercover operations and the use of informants are largely responsible for success of the unit. It is essential that an effective partnership is maintained with the State Attorney’s Office, colleagues and more importantly, the community.


To inquire about the status of a case, contact the Criminal Investigations Unit

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (excluding Holidays)

(863) 965-5555





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