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The Auburndale Fire Department is a full service public safety division in charge of responding to medical emergencies, preventing fires, fighting fires, and promoting fire safety. The Department was originally established as a volunteer department in 1915 and has evolved to where it is today. The administration includes Fire Chief Brian Bradway, Deputy Chief David Cash, Fire Inspector Scott Finley and Training Safety Officer Bo Naecker.

Fire Safety

Being aware of the causes of a fire and preparing for the event of one is important to securing your life, your family, and your property. That’s why our firefighters are involved in the community and actively seek opportunities to engage with the public. The Auburndale Fire Department hopes to stop fires before they have a chance to start by educating the public, helping to distribute smoke alarms, and increasing awareness.

Fire Prevention Week

Each year, we invite local schools and organizations to visit our Auburndale Fire Department. During their visit, young students and adults get to meet our firefighters and learn about fire safety.  We plan tours of our facilities, demonstrations of effective fire safety practices, and hands-on experiences such as escaping a house fire in our tiny home simulation.

Fire Inspections

The Department has a dedicated fire inspector, who visits and inspects buildings and other structures to search for fire hazards and to ensure that federal, state, and local fire codes are met. The fire inspector also tests and inspects fire protection and fire extinguishing equipment to ensure that it works.

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